Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Bike

The Easter Bunny made a mistake this year. He came to our house a little early and hid the Easter goodies....but not very well. He brought 3 bicycles for Addison (because he didn't know which one would fit her best) and left them in the unfinished area of our basement, thinking that Addison would never wander over there.

The day before Easter, Addison and Noah were down playing in her basement playroom. From 2 floors up, I hear "Look what I found! Look what I found!" I ran downstairs knowing exactly what it was she was referring to. There she and Noah were, admiring her new Disney Princess Racing Trike. (Apparently, the other 2 - a Radio Flyer and Fisher Price one - meant nothing to her...which is what we, I mean the Easter Bunny, figured. Our girl is a princess all the way!)

We made a big deal about the bike and how the Easter Bunny must have come early to drop it off. She didn't care about that part...she just wanted the bike!

She loves her new bike and all the fun things that it offers. Her legs aren't long enough to push the pedals all the way around. I am hoping she grows a couple inches in the next couple of months. Until then, she's completely content pushing along with her legs.
We're going to have a little talk with the Easter Bunny about his hiding places so this doesn't happen again. Actually, we should probably conference in Santa Claus, too. They obviously don't know what a nosy little girl we have!

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Hollywood said...

HILARIOUS! if i had a dollar for each "a ha" I heard from another room! :)