Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friends - I got lucky in that department!

I am so lucky to have the friends I do. One in particular, Abby, has been especially helpful over the past few months. She watched Addison in a pinch (on numerous occasions) while I was on bed rest, took her to gym class for me when I had to take Chase to a last minute appointment at the pediatrician, made us dinners, and has offered several times to take Addison for a play date while I got some rest (or work done around the house, which unfortunately trumps rest on most days).

I took her up on her offer last week. Not only did it really help me out, but Addison was in heaven when I told her she was going to her Rae's house. She watched for them at the window for 20 minutes and when Abby and Raegan finally rounded the corner with their little red wagon - one seat empty for Addison - she belted out some of the happiest screams I've ever heard! I barely got a quick hug and kiss goodbye before I heard her saying "See ya next time, Mommy!" And she never looked back! When Chase and I walked down to get her a couple of hours later, she threw the biggest fit about having to leave. I'm pretty sure she would like to move into Raegan's crib with her. :)

I caught up...wait, scratch that. I made a very, very, very small dent in my mile long to do list while Chase napped and Addison played with Raegan.

Abby sent me some pictures of the two little cuties playing inside and once it warmed up a bit, outside. They even had a picnic!

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