Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chase 2 month update

Our baby boy is 2 months already. Time has flown!

Chase had his 2 month well check today and weighed 11lb., 2oz.(45th%) and 23 1/2" (55th%). He was in the 5th % at birth, so this is a huge gain. I could have told you that he would catch up quickly, given how much he eats. The average 2 month old eats 4-5oz. per feed and Chase usually tops it off at 6...having even gotten to 7 ounces on a couple of occasions. I've started pumping because it seems to fit our lifestyle a little better (and by that, I mean the fact that Addison and I usually have a lot of activities planned throughout the week, which doesn't allow Chase to "graze" as much as he would like when I nurse.) He is still taking mostly breast milk, though I am supplementing with formula once in a while. It's hard to keep up with such a hearty appetite!

He had 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination at his appointment. He cried for a second, but was calm as soon as I got him back into my arms. His doctor was impressed with his neck/head strength. Recently, I have noticed his head becoming a little flat in the back (towards the left side) and brought this to the doctor's attention. He wasn't overly concerned, but advised me to increase tummy time. He thinks that Chase has a mild case of Torticollis. You might have to look that one up! I have been working on getting him to favor both sides equally, though he definitely prefers to look to the left. Ironically, Dustin's mom remembers him turning his head to one side as an infant. She said every picture she can remember of him, he has his head turned to the right. It's encouraging to know that he turned out okay!

Chase is a good, happy baby. He is beginning to intentionally smile and coo, though I think he is still too busy either eating or sleeping to interact too much just yet!

He is sleeping from about 10pm-8am, with one waking to eat during the night. He cat naps in the mornings and takes a 3+ hour nap in the afternoon. He alternates between sleeping in his crib or the pack-n-play in our room and his car seat, depending on my mood and his. (I can usually count on longer sleep sessions when he is in his car seat). At night, he is still rooming in with us. A couple of times this past week, I have put him in his room after his night feed, usually around 4 or 5am, until he wakes for the day. This is so I can fall back to sleep without ear plugs. Our boy is a GRUNTER, though I must say I have been noticing less of it recently. I believe he has reflux like his sister did. Oh joy!

He is in 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. He has long arms and legs. I think this came from my side of the family. My dad has longer arms and legs. He also appears to have big feet.

Look at the chubbiness!

Wearing his 2 month onesie. It cracked as I was trying to get it over his head. So disappointed in my iron-on transfer project! Anyone know how to keep this from happening?
Big Sister loves her Little Brother to pieces!
And she's such a little ham!

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Allison said...

Such a cute little guy :) I can't believe he's already in 3-6 month clothes!

E had a bit of Torticollis. We did some stretching exercises at home and went to the PT for a few sessions. If you ever have questions about our experience, let me know. :)