Friday, December 18, 2009

MOMs Nursing Home Visit

My moms group visited a nursing home with the kids to spread some holiday cheer. The kids had a great time and the residents loved it! I hope I will like to be around 15 loud toddlers when I am old and gray, too!

The kids learned "Jingle Bells" and sang to the residents. Addison has nearly perfected the song. (Maybe I can sneak in a video camera during one of her singing sessions so I can post it!) We even had a 3 year old piano prodigy (not kidding, this kid is good!) play Christmas music for the residents.

Addison and a couple of the others thought they were just as good on the keyboard.

We made gumdrop snowflake ornaments with the residents

And enjoyed a snack of popcorn and cookies. What do you know, it's Abby and Addison - together as usual!

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