Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couples Night Out

Some of the girls and husbands from my moms group took an opportunity for a night out before Christmas. We went to Dave and Busters for food, drink (water for me!) and games. It was great fun and I wanted to share a few pictures to highlight the evening.

Liz, Ryan, Me and Dustin
I beat Dustin. I also beat him in air hockey, pop-a-shot, skee-ball..... :) Love ya, honey!
If you know Dustin, you will think this picture is just as funny as I did. He does not get this serious about games. EVER.
Tim and Bethany.
Rambo...I mean Brad.
And his other half caught in action on my point and shoot. Love it!
The winners! Dustin and I had the high score in Pop-a-shot and Caroline and Brad in Skee-ball.

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Katie said...

Your little bump is so cute!