Thursday, December 3, 2009

Addison's Birthday with my friends

I had some friends come in town for a few days - Jennie from her new town of Cincinnati and Emily from Chicago. It's always nice to have my girlfriends in town, especially because Addison loves them so much. She won't stop asking "Where did Jennie go? Where did Emily go?" Every brunette we see is one of the two.
One of the evenings, we went to dinner for one of my other friend's (Kate) birthday. Before our big night out (for Mexican...what else??), the girls spoiled my daughter with some early birthday gifts.

Emily of course got her a stylish outfit (which she wore like 3 times in a week) and a book.

Kate and Anfinny got her a beautiful sweater dress (Addison has a better wardrobe than I do - seriously), some books and stickers.

And Jennie got her a doctor kit, which she absolutely adores!

Addison says thank you for the wonderful gifts and Mommy says thank you for being such great friends. Love you all!

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Lori said...

Is that the pink Tshirt that says "I got my good looks from my mom?"