Monday, July 12, 2010

Robin's Nest

We've been keeping an eye on "our" Robin's nest the past few weeks and finally saw three baby birds today. They were sitting in their nest with mouths wide open waiting for their Mommy to bring them some food. It was so sweet and I could really relate to the scenario. I never thought I'd be able to say I could relate to a bird!

Momma came back (with a worm) when we were admiring her offspring and wouldn't go near the nest until we left. She kept flying tree to tree and seemed to be getting agitated. I felt so guilty for disrupting her routine, I actually cried!

I've never been much into nature before recently but I now find myself saving flies that have gotten in my house (I know, weird, but they have families, too!), getting upset when I notice my hummingbird feeder is empty (like I'm starving them or something) and crying over baby birds!

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