Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bounce House

Our neighbors have been entertaining Addison a lot of evenings lately. She's been drawn to their pool and other toys. The other day, they blew up a bounce house and Addison couldn't believe her eyes. She ran over to where I was cleaning up the kitchen proclaiming, "Mommy, Ma-skinzy (Mackenzye) has a bounce house in her yard! Can I go play???????" I replied, "Sure, sweetie. When I am done cleaning up, we can go ask if we can play." Addison squealed, "THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! THANK YOU, MOMMY! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME PLAY IN MA-SKINZY'S BOUNCE HOUSE! THAT MAKES MY TUMMY FEEL BETTER NOW!" followed by hugs and kisses to my legs and eventually my lips once I bent down. Dramatic much? HA! And no, her tummy wasn't hurting. She's just so funny. Everytime she wants something unhealthy (suckers, chocolate milk, chocolate anything...), it's because it will "make her tummy feel better." Con artistry already. Yikes!

I couldn't pick what "lemonade stand" picture to include so I just posted them all. She's so happy. I love it!


Emily said...

Awww...I love her style!!! And the bangs are looking super cute!

lori said...

thanks for making me laugh tonight. Much love:)

Kristin said...

How are our girls not related?! So many of your posts seem like they are straight out of my Addison's mouth! Hilarious. She is such a sweetheart.

Thanks again and again for all your love and support:) Miss you.