Friday, July 2, 2010

Polar Bears and Carousel

I took the kids to the Zoo on Wednesday. By myself. I've had an itch to get out of the house lately and tried to do something every day this week. By myself. (Needless to say that I am now EXHAUSTED. I might have done a little too much!) But, it was the most beautiful week (temps in the 70's/low 80's, which is rare for July), and I wanted to take advantage of it. Plus, I know how happy our little adventures make Addison and I live to make her (and Chase) happy!

We were at the Zoo last week, as well, with my sister, Julie, and Noah and saw the Polar Bears for the first time - we just got them a couple months ago. Addison was enthralled with them and that's the first thing she wanted to see. They really are neat animals.

This week, one of them kept diving off a cliff. It was a lot of fun to watch her perform for her audience.

After seeing the Polar Bears and a few other animals, I gave Addison the option of going on a boat ride or the carousel. She chose the carousel, which I was surprised about given that she's never liked riding it. Well, we've turned over a new leaf...she loves it now!
She rode it all by herself while I sat in the sleigh next to her horse holding Chase. Chase liked his first carousel ride, as well!

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