Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cute outfit

Dustin bought Addison some adorable outfits when he found out she was a girl. It was so cute. If my memory serves me right, he met me at the OB one afternoon and had me go to his car before the appointment because he couldn't wait to show me! So, as I was going through the bag of (non-returnable) goodies, it became very apparent that Dustin had never bought baby clothes before. The first item I pulled out was a little skirt - newborn size. Addison's due date was in January. We live in the Midwest. It is rather cold and snowy in January. Needless to say, that skirt still has the tags on it. The second item I pulled from the bag was a shirt - size 5t. We're going to save that one until she goes to KINDERGARTEN! I was scared to take anything else out of the bag, but luckily things got better. Most of the outfits were for summer and Addison is getting so big that we can't wait until then or else she won't be able to wear them. So, since today was so warm I put the most precious sear sucker pantaloons outfit on her. I had to take pictures to show Daddy. Addison was giggling up a storm. It was our most fun photo session yet!

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