Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Addison's Baptism

Addison was Baptized on Sunday, the 6th. It was the most beautiful day yet this year. We took a small risk by taking her out of the house before RSV season is technically over, but Addison's Godmother (my sister, Julie) is about to pop out a baby so we had no choice! It was so nice to get out of the house! The ceremony was beautiful and Addison looked and acted like a little angel the entire time. We went out for a great dinner party afterwards and just had a great time. I didn't sleep all night as I was replaying all the fun we had. Plus, that was the most stimulation that I had in months so my mind was just going haywire!

Mommy, Daddy and Addison

Mommy, Daddy, Addison and Godparents - Julie and Damon

Addison's Baptism shoes that Daddy wore for his Baptism

Our sweet baby girl wearing her "after-Baptism" outfit that Devin got for her. Her hair still has the Baptism oils in it.

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