Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Addison Hope Frazier - November 27, 2007

Let's rewind to where the story begins. Dustin and I found out we were pregnant 2 weeks after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Once we found out that my cancer could be treated while maintaining the pregnancy, we knew we were experiencing a miracle. It didn't take but minutes and we were attached to the microscopic fetus growing inside of me. As soon as we found out 16 weeks into my pregnancy that were were having a girl, the preparation began. Her name would be Addison Hope. Her middle name, Hope, symbolized our feelings about our current situation - the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Hope for survival. Hope for a cure. Hope for love, good health, and happiness. Her closet was full of pinks and purples. Her furniture was in place and her nursery beautifully decorated for our little bundle of joy. We even had 2 more months to relax and sleep before she would be here. So we thought! Addison was born 9 weeks early via emergency cesarean section. She weighed 3lb. 6 oz. and was 16 1/2 inches long. The doctors decided to deliver Addison due to heart rate drops caused by the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck twice. We all witnessed a miracle that day. Addison was born crying and breathing on her own but was soon thereafter diagnosed with Respiratory Distress Syndrome as she needed assistance breathing. She spend 28 very long days and nights in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and came home on Christmas Day at 35 weeks gestation. She is the sweetest baby and has come such a long way already!


1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

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